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CREA---Better Skill, Higher Value
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CREA---Better Skill, Higher Value

Views: 65     Author: Vincent     Publish Time: 2020-08-08      Origin: Crea


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CREA---Better Skill, Higher Value

Better Skill, Higher Value - CREA 

Goals of CREA 

The main goal of the CREA brand is to produce the highest quality and excellent products. With our bathroom accessories and decorative door hardware, customers’ dreams can be transformed into a beautiful reality and they can enjoy luxurious interior decoration. 

CREA produces a wide range of classic and faucets, elegant modern faucets and soap dispensers, drains, and other accessories.

CREA Sanitary Ware Company benefits from Swarovski crystals and excellent surface treatments and 24k pure gold. Each of our works shines like fine jewelry. Our design adopts classical style and elegant style. In order to meet the highest quality standards of the top customers, we introduce the most advanced accessories from Spain and other Western countries for production.

Behind the design of the CREA faucet is a story about "love". In the 1960s, there was a master of art in Mestre, and his wife often performed the classical ballet "Swan Lake". Deeply imprinted in the master's mind, the master recorded his wife's most beautiful moment, and carved his wife's shape like an "elegant swan" with the tool between his fingers.

The CREA brand stands for luxury, craftsmanship, craftsmanship and Spanish manufacturing. Their goal is to make each product as precious as jewellery, with timeless design, Swarovski sparkle and 24K gold.

For the CREA brand, pure brass, Swarovski crystals and the best surface treatment, as well as experience, professional knowledge skills and hand-made craftsmanship are always important factors for the development of the company. The essence of our production philosophy is continuous research for perfection.