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According to the purification requirements, the air purifier can be divided into

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(1) Pure type. If it is located in an area with moderate indoor humidity, or the air quality requirements are not too high, the purchase of purified air purifier will meet the demand.

(2) Humidification and purification type. If it is located in a dry area, the air conditioner is often turned on to be wet by the air conditioner, resulting in the drying of indoor air, or the air quality requirements are high, then choosing an air purifier with humidification and purification function will be the most suitable choice. LG's future celebrity air purifier also has the technology of natural humidification, which uses scientific and technological means to realize water vaporization. Through the rotation of windmill or disc filter, harmful substances are left in the tray to be eliminated, and only superfine and clean water molecules are discharged into the air.

(3) Intelligent. If you like automatic operation, intelligent monitoring of air quality, or embodiment of noble taste, or need to be more dignified for gift giving, an intelligent air purifier is the best choice.

(4) Vehicle type. If it is used for car air purification, it needs to specially purify car odor, car formaldehyde and other car pollution, and can be placed in the car air purifier. Therefore, the best choice is car air purifier.

(5) Desktop type. That is, put it on the desktop, purify the air around the desktop within a certain range, and protect the healthy air purifier near the desktop. If you often sit in front of a computer, a desk, or a desk, but the indoor area is not small, or in a public place, it is not cost-effective or fashionable to buy a large air purifier at your own expense, the desktop type air purifier is a better choice.

(6) Large and medium-sized. It is mainly suitable for large indoor occasions, such as home hall, senior bank office, senior administrative office, important lecture hall, conference hall, senior hotel, hospital, beauty salon, kindergarten and other occasions.

(7) Central air conditioning system type. It is mainly suitable for single room or multiple rooms with central air conditioning or ceiling.

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